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Medical questions frequently asked.

1. What is the medical/physical result of using the machine on someone who has a thyroid problem?

Normally, this kind of patient can accept treatment.   Somebody with acute hyperthyroidism should not be treated. Hyperthyroidism is caused when there is too much thyroxin in the blood, a kind of auto-immune disease and can be graded i.e.: mild/moderate/serious.

The main symptoms of hyperthyroidism:

  • Nervous system: easy to be excited, mental allertness, insomnia, cabin fever etc.
  • Hyper metabolism syndrome, polyphagia, marasmus, palpitation, fatigue etc.
  • Exophthalmoses
  • Struma

2. What is the medical/physical result of using the machine on someone under 18 years of age?
From many clinical tests, it has been established that the machine is not suitable for someone under the age of 18 years.  In theory, the minor is still growing and developing and treatment will affect the growing process.

3. What is the medical/physical result of using the machine on someone with osteoarthritis?
Treatment is forbidden for all kinds of bone and joint diseases and someone with osteoarthritis can therefor not be treated.  

4. What is the medical/physical result of using the machine on someone using antibiotics or who is sick?
Normally, it is okay for someone who takes antibiotics to receive treatment. However someone who has a low immunity and has a fever, cold, inflammation etc. is not allowed to be treated.   Your body must have time to recover and renew itself first.

5. If you have metal prosthesis in your back and you want the cellulite on your legs treated, would that be a problem and if so, why?
It is forbidden to treat somebody who has metal prosthesis in his back.  The RF hand-piece will produce a current. Any metal object should be kept far away from the current, or the patient will feel very uncomfortable. RF (Radio Frequency) uses electrodes to transmit radio wave energy, producing an electric field which penetrates the epidermis into the hypoderm. If there is metal in the body, the metal can conduct electricity, which will cause an electric shock.

If the metal is far away from the treatment area you may proceed with treatment, providing there is no sign of an electric shock and the client is comfortable.  (If the metal prosthesis is in the back, the legs can be treated and there should not be a problem).

6. What is the medical/physical result of using the machine on someone who takes blood thinning medication?
The treatment is not suitable for a person with a blood system disease, i.e. someone who suffers from or who has: heart cerebra vascular disease; normal hepatic/renal function; acute lymphocytic leukemia; dysaemia; anemic; elyctroid aphasia or hemorrhage; and diabetes mellitus may not be treated.

7. Blood thinning medication is used by people with blocked arteries or potential stroke patients. Will the treatment negatively affect a client of this classification?
No, the treatment will not have side effects on this classification of client.

8.  What about pregnant women?
Pregnant women are not allowed to be treated.

9. May women who are breastfeeding recieve treatment?
Yes, there will be no problem.  It will help their bodies to regain shape.

10. If you have (amalgam) fillings in your teeth or metal implants, is that a problem when working on the face?
RF treatment on the face is forbidden for somebody who has metal implants in his teeth. The same rule applies as for metal prosthesis in one’s back).

11. When the body is disposing of the fat cells, would you lose weight as well as have a change in the body contours?
Of course, this is a multifunctional machine. You first use the cavitation machine to lose weight, and then the RF machine for body contouring, tightening the skin again.  The two functions will guarantee a superior result.

12. Do clients need to stop using body lotion/creams before the treatment?
It is better to stop the use of lotion or creams about one day before treatment as it will clog the pores.  A clean skin will get the best result.  Make sure the lotions have been absolutely absorbed by the skin before you begin the treatment.
After the treatment:  Do not use curative cosmetic for two months afterwards. We suggest you use aloe cream or moisture holding cream.

13. Should the operator wear rubber gloves during the RF/Laser treatments?
We suggest the operator use rubber gloves during the RF treatment, but it is not necessary.  The gloves will prevent the operator from conducting electricity, as they are insulated.  If the three electrode tips from the RF hand-piece is not connected properly, the operator might experience a shock.

14. Is the cavitation noise bad for ears/hearing? Some people find it too loud.
Please be assured that the noise has no negative effects. Our machine has been through a very professional CE (CE marking is a declaration by the manufacturer that the product meets all the appropriate provisions of the relevant legislation) test, and we have obtained a CE certificate. There must be a sound in order for it to work properly.

15. People with a pacemaker and people suffering from cancer are not allowed to be treated.


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Additional FAQs

Q. Is this methodology sanctioned by the FDA?
A. Our machines are CE certified which is the European equivalent of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration is an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services).

Q. Can the treatment affect any other organs negatively?
A. Not at all. It is perfectly safe.

Q. How is the fat removed?​​​ 
A. The fat is emulsified and metabolized through the lymphatic system​​ and then passed through the liver.

Q. Is the treatment painful?
A. Completely pain free and quite relaxing.

Q. What happens to the fat cells? 
A. They are removed with the fat.

Q. Can the fat return to that area?
A. Without a fat cell there is no place for the fat to go. Fat will find other cells in the body that haven't been removed.​​​ Naturally a sensible diet will greatly aid the process.

​​Q. How many treatments would I need?
A. ​That depends on the thickness of fat. Generally 4 to 6 treatments are required per area.

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After treatment notes: 

  1. Abstain from spicy food and seafood for a few days after treatment.  Fresh fruit and vegetables will help metabolize the fat.
  2. Wash your skin with cool water after treatment.  Avoid high temperature and high humidity.
  3. Drink a lot of water and eat food containing iron, such as red meat.
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