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What is it all about?

Revolutionary technology in fat reduction and body shaping:

Ultra-Cavitation with Vacuum plus RF and Diode Laser is the latest technology and the only methodology known to completely remove fat along with the fat cells. This is safe liposuction without surgery, pain or side effects. Once the fat cells are removed, there is no place for the fat to return. The treatments produce instant and permanent results. The main treatment areas include abdomen, bat wings, saddle bags, buttocks, thighs, inner knee, man boobs, calves and face.

The RF (Radio Frequency) and 635 nm Diode Laser then firm up the skin where the fat has been removed, leaving the skin elastic and more youthful.

It has nothing to do with the human body’s inner structure.

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The Treatment

Dr. Jennifer Waldon, well-known and respected plastic surgeon from New York, discusses the efficacy of this methodology in an interview on Fox News which can be viewed at the following link:

This is the real deal!  The treatment involves the removal of unwanted body fat using a non-invasive technique.  There is no pain, no downtime – it is a “walk in, walk out” procedure allowing clients to see a measurable circumference reduction and body contouring, without the hassle and risk associated with other procedures. It produces lasting results and permanent fat removal.

After treatment you can immediately resume your daily routine. All signs of depression about your looks will soon disappear, as the treatment will improve your self-confidence, giving your body a smooth, toned and sexy look!

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The Procedure


A process that emits ultra-sound through a hand-piece, administered to the area of treatment. To intensify the ultrasound the vacuum attachment on the hand-piece sucks the skin onto the cavitation head to increase intensity in the area of treatment.

Ultra-CavitationThe ultrasound waves target the fat cells and cause micro-bubbles to form within the fat cell, causing the cell to continually expand as the ultrasound is applied until the fat cell implodes. The energy from the cavitation head causes the fat cells and the spilled fat to emulsify. This liquified fat, including the destroyed fat cells, are metabolized through the lymphatic system and excreted from the body via the liver. That fat plus the affected fat cells are expelled from the body permanently. Only Ultra-Cavitation is able to achieve this result.

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Radio Frequency:

Radio Frequency, when administered to the dermis, causes an ongoing rapid change of polarity in the dermis from positive to negative. The speed of this change generates the kind of heat in the dermis that would be difficult to achieve from an external source. Radio frequency has become an effective means of stimulating collagen growth, leaving the skin firm and youthful.
Diode laser accelerates the growth of collagen fiber through a photochemical biological activity. Diode laser also acts on the chondriosome in the dermis to generate more energy which speeds up the synthesis of DNA and RNA, causing more collagen and fiber to be produced. It also accelerates the elimination of waste or dead cells, alleviating the effect of aging skin, large hair pores and fine wrinkles.

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The Manufacturer

Our machine is manufactured by the most reliable and leading manufacturer of medical and aesthetic devices. They develop, produce, market and support high-tech equipment and their clients include all the spa’s and beauty salons around the world.

Products developed by them include machines using intense pulsed light, LAD, laser, radiofrequency, ultrasound and other technology aspects, focused in almost 10 serial, 30 products such as: Laser tattoo removal, IPL, E-light, oxygen jet skin care system, RF skin rejuvenation system, LAD (Light Aesthetic Device), ultra-cavitations system and Fractional Co2 Laser system.

All of their products have gained CE certification, which is a crucial passport into the European market.  Products have been sold and welcomed in more than 20 nations such as: America, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Korea etc.

The manufacturer always stick to its “4-oriented” principle, that is: “Technology-orientated, Quality- orientated, Credit-orientated and Service-orientated.”

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